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The Angel’s Hero (Yugioh GX Fanfic.) Chapter 1

Wanted to post the first chapter of my fanfic here for anyone who is interested in reading it. =D It’s about a young girl named Miyuki who grows a crush on the infamous Judai (Jaden) Yuki but in order for no one to find out, she tells the entire school she’s in love with a teacher! Her crazy adventure starts there:

Chap. 1: First day

 The sun lit the inside of a dorm room for the morning followed by the sound of an alarm clock and the grumble of a girl as she tapped the snooze button. A pink ball with beady eyes and a heart on it’s forehead poked out from the covers and flew up on two pairs of golden wings then bumped itself against the head of the sleeper, causing her to stir and reveal shoulder length brown hair with two little star clips on the side. Another bump and a pair of sky blue eyes opened.

 ”Alright, alright, I’m up.” the girl mumbled and got up out of her bed. The little creature floated around her as she changed from her pajamas to her school uniform which consisted of a white shirt with blue trim and a hoodie in the back and dark blue skirt. As a bonus, and because she didn’t feel comfortable just wearing a skirt, she put on a pair of blue bell bottom jeans underneath. A slip of some bracelets and her look was complete.

 After glancing up at the mirror for a second she turned to the clock. “Uh-oh, we’re going to be late!” she said and snatched her little companion, running out the door and towards the Academy. She stopped at its steps in awe as she gazed upon the massive structure decked in red, yellow, and blue. She continued to run through the halls once inside and past a boy who was running in the same direction she was and flew into the classroom. She stood hunched over a bit at the doorway, panting for breath. “Sorry to be late Crowler.” she heard someone say beside her. She looked over to see a boy with reddish brown hair and a pair of matching eyes wearing a red jacket. A Slifer she presumed.

 ”Just get to your seats.” said the teacher who stood in front, his looks making him almost look female as he turned around to write things on the board. She watched as the boy spotted his friends and went to sit by them. Other students were staring at her with curiosity, some laughing at her lateness as she wandered down to the first row of seats, spotting a girl in black clothing sitting alone. “May I..sit here?” she asked. The girl glanced up and smiled. “Sure.” she replied and scooted over a bit for her to sit down. “You must be kind of new around here to be late. My name is Christina Tallahasse. Who might you be?” she asked.

 ”Miyuki, Miyuki Tenshi, and I’m not completely new. It’s just my first day as an Obelisk.” she said, sounding half proud and half surprised at her ranking. “Well I’m an Obelisk as well so I’ll probably see you around more in my classes.” she replied with a grin. “Alright class, to get to know your dueling skills we will be having duels with partners of your choosing in the arena. Follow me.” Crowler announced and the students started to move. Christina looked to Miyuki. “Well since we got to know each other a bit, how about you be my partner?” she said.

 ”Sure I guess.” Miyuki replied with a small smile. The students all got into their partners and positions and the dueling began. Miyuki was surprised during their duel that Christina’s deck was composed of dragons and cards involving dragons. Christina herself was impressed by Miyuki’s deck, a deck full of angels and light monsters. They equalled each other out throughout the battle but Christina took the upper hand. “Well, looks like I’ve got the field to summon my favorite little monster.” she said with a grin as two of her dragons disappeared and a large thunder like roar echoed out causing Miyuki to freeze in place as a large brown dragon with deep mahogany eyes appeared, towering over her. One blast and Miyuki was gone.

 The duel was over as Miyuki still stood completely frozen and shocked. Christina laughed and walked over to her. “Good duel. Hey since we’re done want to go up to the stands and watch the others?” Miyuki nodded and followed, still a tad shaky. “What was that thing?” she said as soon as they reached the stands. “Oh that? My most treasured possession. Tyrant Dragon.” she said, showing her the card. Miyuki stared at it in awe. She had heard the card was rare and really hard to find. “If I got this out I might’ve had a chance at winning.” she said, pulling out her treasured card, Neo Paladin. “Wow, if you brought that out in the position you were in you would’ve trampled me.” Christina replied when she saw a flash of light meaning a fusion.

 The two turned and Miyuki spotted the boy from before fusing two monsters and created a wicked looking creature of half red half green with wings. “Who’s that?” she asked in awe. “Oh, don’t let that Slifer red coat fool you. His name is Judai Yuki, one of the best duelists around besides the Kaiser.” she answered with a smile. “Really..” said Miyuki softly when suddenly she heard a melodic squeal and out of her hoodie popped out her little creature, landing in her arms and squealing at Judai’s duel. “Hey careful.” Miyuki said as she fought to hold the bouncing creature. “Who are you talking to?” Christina asked with a raised eyebrow. Miyuki paused a moment. “Oh that’s right, I’m the only one that can see her. Well, you might think I’m crazy but it’s my duel spirit, Happy Lover.” she replied like it was totally normal.

 Christina stared. “You mean like the monster from the card Happy Lover?” Miyuki nodded. “Hard to believe I know but it seems only I can see her and as far as I’ve seen I’m the only one that has one.” she said as she held the creature close. Christina looked at her and when Miyuki showed a ‘You don’t believe me do you?’ face, she smiled. “I believe you. After all to see is to believe.” she said with a small grin as the bell rang signaling class to be over. “Well, we need to go but I’ll catch you later.” she said as the students began to leave the classroom. Miyuki stuffed Happy Lover in the back of her hood before taking off.

 Outside in the hall Miyuki spotted Judai and ran over to him. “Hey, great dueling. That fusion monster was amazing.” she said with a grin in which he returned. “Thanks. My name is Judai, what’s yours?” he asked as the two walked along in the hallway. “Miyuki. I duel with a angel deck myself. What exactly is your deck made of?” she asked. “Elemental Heroes. Here look.” he said and handed her his deck. She saw the fusion monster he had summoned earlier. She never really heard of Elemental Heroes before. She handed it back to him and pulled out her own deck, the top card being Neo Paladin. “Wow, a Neo Paladin. That’s a pretty strong card. Hey, I’ve actually got a spare card that would go well with this.” he said and pulled out a field spell called Sanctuary of the sky. He handed her deck and the card to her. “Take it, it’ll really work well with your Neo Paladin.” he said with a grin.

 ”Really?” she said with bewilderedment, “Thanks.” “No problem, see you around.” he said and ran off. Miyuki stared off after him then continued walking to her next class, looking at the new card she was given. She did remember something said about it on the effect of Neo Paladin. She continued to stare at it till she passed Christina who was standing on the side of the hallway. “Hey, what do you got there?” she asked, starting to walk alongside her. “Sanctuary of the sky. Judai gave it to me.” she replied, still looking at the card. “Judai gave it to you? Huh, well that kid is a pretty nice guy.” she said, her arms behind her back as she looked out of the corner of her eye at Miyuki. She just kept staring at the card then her face started to turn slightly red.

 ”No way, don’t tell me you’re starting to fall for him. Our class will get a kick out of a Obelisk falling for a Slifer Red.” Christina said with a grin, looking to her new friend. Miyuki’s facial expression went into deep thought and suddenly she burst out with “I’ve got it!” which caused Christina to jump a bit. “I’m going to tell everyone that I’m in love with a teacher!” she said with a tone of satisfaction. Christina stared, her eyes growing wide. “Wait Miyuki, are you serious?” she asked, stunned by the strange idea. “Yeah, that way no one will know I’m starting to like a Slifer.” she said with a grin.

 ”Miyuki I was only kidding about the-” but before Christina finished Miyuki had ran off towards the Obelisk’s home room where they usually were between classes. She burst through the door causing many Obelisks to turn their heads. “Listen up, my name is Miyuki Tenshi and I am in love with a teacher. That’s right, you heard me!” she shouted. All the Obelisks were now staring at her and whispers were heard around the room like “Who is she?” and “What, she says she’s in love with a teacher?” Christina finally made it next to her and saw the all the looks on the Obelisk faces. “You told them, didn’t you?” she said, her head turning to the proud looking girl next to her. She nodded with a smile. And to think, this little lie would be the start of one crazy adventure…

This looks so bright I almost couldn’t tell what it was. This is a recent drawing (like yesterday recent) of different Yugioh characters of mine drawn in the style of the Bakemonogatari ending (or at least attempted to look like the style). If you have never seen it, here is a link:

I probably should have inked this first, I’ll probably do that later. ^^; My favorite one is the one with the star hair clip, my character named Miyuki Tenshi. I’m just really happy with how it turned out. =D

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